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Field Closure Notice

Darlington Soccer Fields will be closed for Friday, June 23rd, 2017 and Saturday, June 24th, 2017 due to standing water. A re-schedule for the Ladies Friday night game will be communicated.

A decision for the DMSL games at Oshawa Civic #3 will be made by 2:00pm for Friday, June 23rd, 2017.

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LTPD Girls Performance

LTPD Girls Score Age Group
Cyerra A. 89.59 U12G
Abigayle P. 89.23 U11G
Elodie C. 87.57 U11G
Emma R. 87.04 U12G
Isabelle N. 85.51 U11G
Erica L. 84.54 U12G
Leah C. 83.96 U12G
Regan F. 83.83 U12G
Clara B. 83.49 U12G
Avery P. 83.18 U12G

LTPD Boys Performance

Name Score Age Group
Evan R. 91.97 U12B
Ethan F. 91.02 U10B
Hunter F. 90.07 U10B
Ian L. 89.97 U12B
Mitchell G. 89.21 U12B
Pax M. 89.13 U10B
Nicholas Z. 88.77 U10B
Zain E-B. 88.46 U11B
Carter D. 88.13 U10B
Nolan W. 87.72 U12B

Rep. Girls Performance

Name Score Age Group
Tori C. 97.47 U17G
Selah H. 96.37 U17G
Kristyn R. 95.68 U17G
Sarah J. 93.72 U14G
Joanna R. 92.23 U16G
Brett C. 92.14 U14G
Avery B. 90.79 U14G
Hope J. 89.92 U17G
Olivia P. 89.68 U14G
Ashley N. 89.55 U17G

Rep. Boys Performance

Name Score Age Group
Tenzin M. 97.92 U16B
Brennan G. 97.91 U16B
Samuel P. 97.20 U16B
Cameron M. 97.03 U16B
James F. 94.49 U15B
Nevin B. 94.31 U16B
Alex S. 94.10 U14B
Brogan C. 94.08 U14B
Brandon D. 93.91 U13B
Aydin R. 92.75 U14B