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Indoor House League 2023/2024 (Born 2019 to 2006)

The Registration "Indoor House League 2023/2024 (Born 2019 to 2006)" is not currently available.


Please see the availability chart below. Last updated August 16th, 2023:   

  • Open - Spots available for registration
  • Limited - Less than 10 spots available, registration available
  • Closed - Division is full, you can however register the waitlist

Important: If  an age group is full, you can add your child to the waitlist registration (available at the top of this page)! 

There are limited spots available per division!


Age Group

Year Born


U6 Coed



U8 Coed



U10 Coed



U10 Girls



U12 Coed



U12 Girls



U14 Coed



U14 Girls



Varsity (U15, U16, U17)



U18 Coed 




Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration take place for the 2023/2024 season?

Registration will be taking place online starting on Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 @ 1:00pm EST and will continue until all spots are taken. Online payment will be required at the time of registration.

As the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility is currently closed to the public, all registrations this year will need to be completed online. We request all registrations be completed on a computer, as there are more errors which arise when trying to fill out the registration form through mobile formats. 


How is this program affected by Champion's League Indoor?

Champion's League (LTPD/Rep. only) strengthened the Recreational House League program by helping establish better parity and fairness in the U8 to U18 age divisions by having players of equal skill levels participating in it.

Will we be required to complete the Respect In Sport Parent Program again?

We only require parents to complete the certification once. You'll however be required to enter your certification # at the time of registration. RIS Certification #'s can be ported over and used from the OMHA database. You can use your same RIS # from the Outdoor season.

If you have not completed the RIS Parent Program Certification, you can complete it prior to Indoor registration. Please click here for more information.


How do I get involved as a Head Coach or Sponsor?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Head Coach or Sponsor, please contact We will be happy to answer any questions regarding volunteer coaching or sponsorship!

If you're interested becoming a Sponsor, the cost is $325.00 per team. Sponsorship includes colour jersey of your choice, placement of your child on the sponsored team, screening of logo on your jersey and the name of the team named after your business.


How long is the season?

The 2023/2024 season will be running for 18 weeks total. From October 14th, 2023 to February 25th, 2024. Note: there will be a break in games during the Christmas Break (December 22nd-January 7th).


What days of the week would we be scheduled to play for 2023/2024 Indoor?

See the table below for tentative game times for 2023/2024. Based on the registered number of participants, scheduled times may extend before or beyond the times listed below to accommodate more players.  A full schedule will be available before the start of the season with times rotating between the times listed below.

The chart below is updated as of September 13th, with expected divisions schedules close to being finalized!

In the case that a division does not have the registrations to go-ahead, then game times can potentially be moved forwards to earlier in the day.

Note games are 50 min in length and there are no practices during the Indoor season. Each game will have a 10-minute gap before the next game to ensure the facility can be properly disinfected and cleaned before the next group may enter.

* - Indicates the start time of the first scheduled game.
** - Indicates the end time of the last scheduled game.

Year Born Age Group Game Day *From **To
2019/2018 U6 Coed Saturday 8:00am 11:50am
2017/2016 U8 Coed Saturday 11:00am 1:50pm
2015/2014 U10 Coed Saturday 2:00pm 5:50pm
2011/2010 U14 Girls Saturday 6:00pm 7:50pm
2015/2014 U10 Girls Sunday 8:00am 10:50am
2013/2012 U12 Coed Sunday 11:00am 12:50pm
2013/2012 U12 Girls Sunday 1:00pm 3:50pm
2011/2010 U14 Coed Sunday 4:00pm 5:50pm
2006 U18 Coed Tuesday 8:00pm 9:50pm
2009/2008/2007 U17 Coed Wednesday 8:00pm


What is the registration fee?

For the U06 & U08 divisions that play on half a field, the fee is $225.00. For U10 to U18 that play on the full field, the fee is $300.00. 


How long are games?

Games consist of two 22-minute halves with a 3-5 minute half-time and ten minute transition time between games. There is also a retreat line at the 1/2 way line U06 & U08 and the 1/3 line for the U10 & U12 divisions.


Are we supplied with a uniform?

Yes. The uniform consists of a jersey, shorts and socks. 


Can girls play in the Coed division?

Yes, girls can play in either the Coed or All-Girls division.


What is the Club's stance on Player Requests?

Player requests will not be accepted for any reason including but not limited to friendships, ride arrangements or preference for a particular volunteer Coach. Only requests for siblings in the same age group will be accepted.



Is there an end of season banquet?

Players will receive a Medal/Coupon on the field on their final game day.


What footwear is suitable for the indoor turf?

Outdoor cleats, turf shoes, indoor shoes and running shoes are permitted and appropriate for the indoor turf. Note shin guards are mandatory.


What is Darlington's refund policy?

Prior to October 7th, 2023 we will issue a full refund minus an administrative fee.

After October 7th, 2023 there will be no refund provided unless there is a Doctor's note provided. Again, the administrative fee applies.

What methods do you accept for payment?

As all payments are to be made online for the 2023/2024 season, online payment can be facilitated through MasterCard or Visa.


Where can find more information on the Adult Women's Indoor?

Please see the Programs tab for Ladies Indoor information.


Are there programs posted children born in 2020?

We will be running a Winter Mini 3v3 program for children born in 2020. More information will be available on the website soon!