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2021/2022 Tryouts/Trials

Interested in Competitive Soccer?

If you are interested in Competitive Soccer for the 2021/2022 Season, please complete the registration below so we have your information on file for when you arrive for the first tryout!

The Registration "2021/2022 Tryouts/Trials" is not currently available.

Countdown Until Tryouts Begin


All Information on the LTPD/Rep Program

If you are looking for all details about the LTPD/Rep Program for the 2021/2022 season, please click  HERE .

This includes everything from price, commitment for programming, what is included, and much more!

All of our Teams are looking for New Players!

Please view the 2021/2022 Coaches lists below, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions for the upcoming season!


Players are expected to attend all three tryouts, or we ask you communicate with your coach if this is not possible!

Interested in U21 or Darby Women?

Please contact Stuart Robertson, Club Head Coach, if you are interested in playing OSL or OWSL U21, Darby Women Reserves or Darby Women League 1!

Stuart Robertson

Darlington Club Head Coach, President Darby FC