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Outdoor 2020 House League (Born 2015 to 2001)

The Registration "Outdoor 2020 House League (Born 2015 to 2001)" is not currently available.

2020 Outdoor House League Cancelled

Sadly, Darlington Soccer Club has had to cancel the 2020 Outdoor House League Season. We have already began planning for the 2021 Season, and we hope to be back and better than ever moving forwards!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is House League Soccer?

House League Soccer provides players with opportunity to play for enjoyment, participation, to make friends and to develop a healthy life style.  House League is the perfect program for those who have never played or just enjoy getting out to have fun!

When will online registration be active?

We begin registration online and in-person on FridayJanuary 10th, 2020 and will continue until all spots for each division and community are filled. 

Communities can close divisions at any time, so we encourage families to register as soon as possible so they can play in their preferred Community along with claiming the early bird rate.

Will I be able to register in person like I've done in season's past prior to online registration?

In person will always be available during office hours at the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility. If you're looking to make a payment through debit, cash or cheque, you will have to register with us directly in person as there is no "offline" payment option when registering at home.

What is the structure of House League Soccer?

Our House League has seven Community Clubs situated in Bowmanville, Courtice, Newcastle, Orono, Hampton, Tyrone and Burketon. At the older ages, we also have teams from Oshawa participating in our league for greater variety. Teams play in their allocated age division in either a Coed or All Girls division (depending on the parent’s preference at registration). Teams play once a week and practices are at the coaches discretion.

*For the 2020 Outdoor season, there will be a number of rule changes made. If you would like more information, please contact your local Community Club President or e-mail and your message will be forwarded onward.

Is there an Early Bird Rate for registering early?

Yes, for the Outdoor 2020 season, there will be an Early Bird Rate and Regular Rate and they will be in effect as follows:

  • Early Bird Rate - January 10th, 2020 to March 26th, 2020
  • Regular Rate - March 27th, 2020 onward

By registering within the early bird window, you will be able to save $25.00 per player. So we highly recommend getting your registration done early in the winter prior to March Break! For the exact fee of each registration see the chart in the question below.

Are there boys and girls divisions?

We have two different divisions: Coed and All-Girls. Both boys and girls can play in the Coed division. However, the All Girls divisions are exclusive to Bowmanville, Courtice and Newcastle due to sustainable number of players in these communities. 

It's important to note that the majority of girls play in the All-Girls division and very few play Coed by the time players are U8. From U8 onward the Coed divisions in Bowmanville, Courtice and Newcastle are overwhelmingly boys (the Northern Communities of Hampton, Orono, Tyrone and Burketon feature more girls).

What is the format, fee and what days of the week do each age group play?

NEW IN 2020

The Ontario Soccer Association has added a $3.10 additional fee for all registered members, and therefore you will see this charge when you complete registration and are required to pay for the summer season.

See the the summary table below for all information.

Year Born Age Group Format Game Night Game Time Early Regular
15' U5 Coed 3v3 Monday 6pm $175 $200
14' U6 Coed 3v3 Thursday 6pm $175 $200
15'/14' *U5/U6 Coed 3v3 Thursday 6pm $175 $200
13' U7 Coed 6v6 Tuesday 6pm/7pm $175 $200
12' U8 Coed 6v6 Wednesday 6pm/7pm $175 $200
13'/12' *U7/U8 Coed 6v6 Wednesday 6pm/7pm $175 $200
13'/12' U8 Girls 6v6 Wednesday 6pm/7pm $175 $200
      TOTAL   $178.10 $203.10
11'/10' U10 Coed 6v6 Tuesday 6pm/7pm $185 $210
11'/10' U10 Girls 6v6 Thursday 6pm/7pm $185 $210
      TOTAL   $188.10 $213.10
09'/08' U12 Coed 11v11 Monday 6:30pm $190 $215
09/08' U12 Girls 11v11 Tuesday 6:30pm $190 $215
07'/06' **U14 Coed 11v11 Thursday 6:30pm $190 $215
07'/06' **U14 Girls 11v11 Thursday 6:30pm $190 $215
      TOTAL   $193.10 $218.10
05'/04' **U16 Coed 11v11 Wednesday 6:30pm $200 $225
05'/04'/03'/02'/01' **U19 Girls 11v11 Wednesday 6:30pm $200 $225
03'/02'/01' **U19 Coed 11v11 Monday 6:30pm $200 $225
      TOTAL   $203.10 228.10

*These divisions are run by Hampton, Burketon, Orono and Tyrone only. Age groups in the northern Clarington communities are merged due to the smaller pool of participants in those communities. 

**Starting the Outdoor 2018 season we will be allowing recreational teams with the Oshawa Kicks to participate in our league to allow for greater variety of opposition in our leagues. Fields will be in east Oshawa, close to the 401 where possible.  

What is the regular start time for games?

The Interlock games for the Outdoor 2020 season will have a 6:30pm start time (unless the need for a double-header). To account for double headers, some games will be at 6:00pm and 7:00pm respectively. Games may be re-scheduled to an earlier time to account for rain-outs. Please keep a specific eye on the start time for each of your games.

Do you have anything for younger ages?

For the 2016 and 2017 birth years, our Club hosts a program called Micro & Mini 3v3 with registration taking place in late April 2020. More information on that program will be available by March 2020.

How long is the House League Soccer season?

House League Soccer typically runs from late May to the end of August depending on the age group. U5 to U10 have a season wrap up festival in August and teams U12 to U16 have playoffs in September. U19 Coed & All-Girls will have a playoff format but will start a week earlier and end a week earlier to account for those attending post-secondary. The exact times for festivals will be confirmed by mid-season. 

Where are the games played?

Click here for our Field Locations & Map page detailing all the fields we use in our program along with directions and a Google Map directory.

Do you accommodate requests to play with other children?

Our Club does not accommodate requests to play with other children whether it's for transportation purposes, friendships, etc.  Only requests for siblings in the same age group are accounted for.

I live in one community but would like my child to play for another. Is this allowed?

Yes. Whether it is to play with friends in the area, in an All-Girls league, or whatever the reason this is permitted. However, you cannot switch after your registration is complete.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are holding off on refund requests until we receive more information from Ontario Soccer.  We will provide updates when we can.


Do you require Volunteer Coaches?

Yes! The Club is always looking for Volunteer Coaches. When completing the online registration process for your children, you will at some point be prompted for volunteering to coach. Your information will then be forwarded to your communities volunteer group and will follow up with you. 

How do I get a tax receipt for this program?

Please e-mail with the players name and the season you're looking to acquire. Please note there is a $25.00 charge for this service.

Tax receipts for Outdoor 2016 and later will be available online in your SportsEngine account.

Difficulty Registering?

If you are having difficulty with the registration process please feel free to contact or 905-623-7309 and we will be happy to help you within 1-2 business days!


In terms of the key differences of the small-sided game over the eleven-aside game and the benefits of the 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and 6v6 formats, please read the following very closely:

  • Far more repeated touches of the ball by all players
  • More touches throughout all areas of the pitch
  • More passes attempted are in a forward direction in the Small Sided Game.
  • More attacking 1 v1s, final third and penalty area entries
  • More shots on goal and technical skills by goalkeepers
  • Repeated decision making experience
  • The ball is in play far more in the in the Small Sided Game
  • Repeated experience of basic tactical situations
  • More active participation is directly related to fun and enjoyment
  • More active participation leads to an optimal fitness load
  • Better success rate leads to better quality of play and player retention
  • Better success rate leads to better self esteem and self confidence
  • More individual responsibility – every player must attack and defend
  • The game is easier to understand
  • Freedom of expression – no positions in early stages
  • Less perceived stress on the player when playing the small-sided game
  • Less negative comments on the small-sided game
  • 80% of children believe that they touched the ball more often in the small- sided game
  • There was less perceived pressure from parents in the small-sided game
  • It is apparent that children enjoyed all the game formats

Analytic Analysis of Small Sided Games

Although a hockey example, please see the video below detailing the benefits and advantages of younger ages playing on a smaller and shorter surface. Many of these stats are consistent among a number of different team sports.

U5 & U6 3v3 Format