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LTPD & Rep. (Born 2013 to 2002)

Outdoor 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the LTPD & Rep. Coaches for the upcoming season?

See the list below for the Outdoor 2020  volunteer Head Coaches. 

Born Age Group Coach E-mail Looking For Players?
2013 U7 Boys Graeme Burns Click Here Yes
2012 U8 Boys Brandon Gurley Click Here  
2011 U9 Boys Jamie Potter Click Here  
2010 U10 Boys John Berry Click Here Yes
2009 U11 Boys Angelo Costa Click Here  
2008 U12 Boys Donald Perrie Click Here  
2007 U13-1 Boys Graeme Burns Click Here  
2007 U13-2 Boys Mitch Warden Click Here  
2006 U14 Boys Vasco Jeronimo Click Here  
2005 U15 Boys Donald Perrie Click Here Yes
2004 U16 Boys Thomas Robinson Click Here  
2003 U17 Boys Bruno Scanga Click Here  
2002 U18 Boys James Neil Click Here  
2013 U7 Girls Graeme Burns Click Here Yes
2012 U8 Girls Graeme Burns Click Here Yes
2011 U9 Girls Nicole Haynes Click Here Yes
2010 U10 Girls Kyra Barton Click Here  
2009 U11 Girls Kraig Maich Click Here  
2008 U12 Girls Graeme Burns Click Here  
2007 U13-1 Girls Adam Jeronimo Click Here  
2007 U13-2 Girls Amanda Kraft Click Here Yes
2006 U14 Girls Stuart Robertson Click Here Yes
2005 U15 Girls Paul Collicutt Click Here  
2004 U16 Girls Nicole Haynes Click Here  
2003 U17-1 Girls Graeme Burns Click Here  
2003 U17-2 Girls Stan MacLellan Click Here  
2002 U18 Girls Monte Sheppard Click Here  
1999-2001 U21 Women Stuart Robertson Click Here Yes
Open OWSL Stuart Robertson Click Here Yes
Open Darby FC Reserves Stuart Robertson Click Here Yes

What is LTPD & Rep?

LTDP refers to the U7 to U12 age groups and the Rep. is U13 and above. As LTPD is a new term introduced through to the Canadian Soccer Association's "Long Term Player Development" movement. For more information on Long Term Player Development please click here.

LTPD players have a primary focus on like their name implies, their "development". Their program is structured so they are able to receive training from certified volunteer Coaches to further hone their skills during a critical stage of their development during the fall/winter/spring. They then transition to playing in Durham Region's LTPD leagues and festivals. 

Rep. players have a primary focus on competition and "represent" the Club at tournaments and league play. Attention is now shifted to training and playing with the intention of winning and placing well in tournaments and in their league. They play within and outside of Durham Region.   

I have a child born in 2013. Is there any way I can get them involved in this program?

For children at the U7 level, the players can play up at the U8 level at the discretion of the Darlington Head Coach and LTPD Manager.

Development training  includes training sessions with Technical Staff and a 5 day summer camp. These take place October 2019 to March 2020 and a camp in the Summer of 2020. More information regarding the sessions is described towards the bottom of this page.

How is LTPD & Rep. structured?

  • U7 (Born 2013) are able to partake in the Club Development training which is the fall/winter/spring training and physical literacy sessions with Darlington. Players who would like to play up at the U8 level can request from the Club to be assessed to do so.
  • U8 to U12 (Born 2008 to 2012) players participate in the the fall/winter/spring training and physical literacy sessions with Darlington and then transition into Durham Region's Development outdoor league in the summer with a bonus week long camp in the summer.  
  • U13 to U14 (2007 & 2006) players transitioning from LTPD to the Rep.  will have Tactical Development training designed by the Technical Department. The training will be facilitated by the Club and a strong emphasis and understanding for the 11v11 game will be taught. Educational classroom sessions with analysis will also be utilized. 
  • U15+ (Born 2002 to 2005) players play in and outside of Durham Region for the outdoor season in the summer. Training is facilitated by our by Club certified volunteer Coaches & Team Officials. 

How is the Club Development/Tactical Development structured?

The Club Development & Tactical Development for the U7 to U12's and U13/U14's respectively starts early October 2019 to late April 2020. There are fall/winter/spring training sessions along with other sessions detailed below. Once completed, teams will transition into their Outdoor Season. After these sessions are completed they then transition into their league from June to August. Note if your son or daughter is also registered for the Indoor program the training times are schedule so they will not conflict with scheduled league play.

What is the 2019/2020 Club Development Program Schedule for the U7 to U12 age group?

Fall Training (6 Sessions) - Taking place on Saturday/Sunday October 19th/20th, October 26th/27th, and November 2nd/3rd at South Courtice Arena Turf located at 1593 Prestonvale Road in Courtice. 

- U7-U9 from 9am-10am
- U10/U11 from 10am-11am

Winter Training (12 Sessions) - Taking place on Saturday mornings and early afternoons on January 11th, 2020 to April 4th, 2020 (excluding March 14th) at Clarington Central Secondary School located at 200 Clarington Blvd. in Bowmanville. Times listed below per age group!
U7 and U8 9am - 10am
U9 10am - 11am
U10 11am - 12pm
U11 12pm - 1pm

Physical Literacy (10 Sessions) - Wednesdays will run from January 8th to March 11th, 2019. 

Boys Age Group Time Location
U7 - U8 6:15pm-7:15pm St. Stephens Secondary
U9 - U10 7:15pm-8:15pm St. Stephens Secondary
U10 - U11 8:15pm-9:15pm St. Stephens Secondary

 *The U10 Boys group has been split into two groups for Physical Literacy. Last names A-K will attend the 7:15pm-8:15pm session, and Last names L-Z will attend the 8:15pm-9:15pm session.*

Girls Age Group Time Location
U7-U9 6:15pm-7:15pm Holy Family Elementary
U10 - U11 7:15pm-8:15pm Holy Family Elementary

Spring Training (4 Sessions) - Taking place in April. Locations and times to be announced!

Development Camp (Five Days) - All day training sessions the week of July 6th to 10th, 2020 at Clarington Fields located at 2375 Baseline Rd. W. in Bowmanville.


What is the 2019/2020 Tactical Development Program Schedule  for the U13/U14 age group?

Fall Training (6 Sessions) - Taking place on Saturday mornings from October 19th/20th, October 26th/27th, and November 2nd/3rd at South Courtice Arena Turf located at 1593 Prestonvale Road in Courtice. 
- U13 Boys and Girls (Tier 1) from 11am-12pm
- U13 Boys and Girls (Tier 2) from 12pm-1pm
- U14 Boys and Girls from 1pm-2pm

Winter Training (9 Sessions) - Taking place Mondays for Boys from January 6th to March 2nd, 8:00pm to 10:00pm (U13B 8pm-9pm and U14B 9pm-10pm), and Thursdays for Girls from January 9th to March 5th, 5:00pm to 7:00pm (U13G 5pm-6pm and U14G 6pm-7pm). Both at the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility.

Team Fitness Sessions (10 Sessions) - Sundays starting on January 5th to March 8th, 2020 at the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility. 5:00pm start time for Girls and 6:00pm start time for Boys.

Spring Training (4 Sessions) - Taking place in April. Location and times to be determined.

Preseason Friendlies  with Video Analysis  - Taking place on a Saturday/Sunday in April. 

How long are the LTPD/Rep. league soccer seasons?

LTPD/Rep. soccer typically runs from late May to the start of September depending on the league, age group and whether or not the team plays in preseason or post-season games or tournaments.

What else is included in the outdoor registration fee?

The registration fee includes team uniform which features a home, away and practice jersey along with shorts and two pairs of socks and a team track jacket and pants, practice jersey and bag (this is not applicable to U7 who still play in House League).

The apparel maker is Umbro and our uniform will consist of a royal blue home jersey, white away jersey, black shorts and white socks. The track jacket will be royal blue and black track pants. 

What is the registration fee?

For payments not received by Sunday, October 9th, 2019 by 11:59pm, a $100.00 penalty will apply. The Club's expectation is that parents will register their children directly after they've been confirmed at their final tryout. Below are the options for payment:

  • U7 (Born 2013) - Full payment of $450.00 due before October 9th, 2019.
  • U8 to U14 (Born 2006 to 2012) - Full payment of $1300.00 before October 9th, 2019 OR partial payment of $500.00 before October 9th, 2019, $400.00 on November 15th, 2019 and remaining $400.00 by February 1st, 2020
  • U15 to U18 (Born 2002 to 2005) - Full payment of $850.00 due before October 9th, 2019 OR $500.00 before October 9th and $350.00 by February 1st, 2020

How do I pay for the program?

On the day of the final try-outs, we will be collecting registration through the two different methods below. Fees are required at the time of registration.

  1. Families will be able to register their player(s) online through their own computer, tablet or mobile device at through the online registration portal with Visa or MasterCard payments. If doing a partial payment, there will be an automatic withdrawal available for those giving credit cards.
  2. Families will be able to come into the Darlington Soccer Office to register in person with the aid of a staff member for cash, debit, cheque or credit card transactions. 

Based on need, there may be wait times for parents wishing to register directly with the office. For this reason, it is the Club's preference for parents to register online directly if they are comfortable doing so. 

What is the NSF Cheque fee?

The NSF fee is $50.00.

What is the refund fee?

There are no refunds for the LTPD & Rep. program. All transactions are final.