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Field Maps & Locations

Field Closures - Text Notifications

To receive text notifications regarding field closures due to rain, you can subscribe to our Field Conditions text service. Text @dscfields to (647) 496-2812. Please see the PDF below for further instructions.

Darlington Soccer Club Written Directions

Please see below for a printable PDF of the written directions to all Darlington Soccer Club fields listed below.

Darlington Soccer Club Written Directions

Attersley Park - Located at 1110 Attersley Drive, Oshawa, ON.

Baseline Park – Located at 2444 Baseline Rd W Bowmanville, ON. Directions: Go west of Durham 57, beside Baseline Community Centre, north side of Baseline, across from the RCMP building and dance studio.

Note: Please used designated gravel lot for parking beside the park and not the parking lot immediately in from of the community centre. Cars can be ticketed and towed.

Baxter Park (Holy Family) – Located at 80 Baxter St. Bowmanville, ON. Go to the corner of Baxter St. & Bagnell Crt. Take West Side Dr., north of Baseline Rd. Turn left on Higgins St. to Baxter St.

BISF #1 (West Field) &  BISF #2 (East Field) a.k.a. Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility - Located at 2375 Baseline Rd. W. in Bowmanville. 

Bowmanville High School – Located at 49 Liberty St. N. Bowmanville, ON. Located off Liberty St., North of Hwy #2 (King St.), beside the fitness centre. Field is behind the school.

Burketon – Located near 93 Darlington St., Blackstock, ON. Go north on Old Scugog Rd., past 10th Concession. First turn to the left past 10th Concession is Roy N. Carter St. Left on Roy Carter. Fields are in park. Parking is to the right towards playground.

Clarington Fields (Clarington #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5) – Located at 2375 Baseline Rd. W., Bowmanville, ON. Clarington #1 is the most north eastern mini field from the Indoor building, Clarington #2 is directly south of Clarington #2 and is slightly bigger. Clarington #3 is the southernmost, full field. Clarington #4 and #5 are the western most fields, north of the baseball diamonds (Clarington #5 is the western most field).

Clarington Central Secondary School – Located at 200 Clarington Blvd, Bowmanville, ON. Off Hwy #2 to Clarington Place (the Cineplex Odeon Complex). North of the Home Depot. Field is behind the school parking can be found to the right of the school.

Clarke High School/Pines Public School – Located at 3425 Highway 35/115, Newcastle, ON. Stick to right hand side of the highway going north, school’s driveway is just before the Harvey’s.

Courtice Community Complex – Located at 2950 Courtice Rd, Courtice, ON. Go north off of Hwy #2 onto Courtice Rd. While traveling north, take a left into the complex past the skate park. Field is hidden behind the complex on the left side of the building.

Courtice Secondary School – Located at 1717 Nash Rd. Courtice ON. Located at Courtice Rd. & Nash Rd. Near the Courtice Community Complex.

Courtice Memorial Park – Located near 2252 Courtice Rd, Courtice, ON. East Side of Courtice Rd. North of Bloor. Located directly across the street from Holy Trinity.

Darlington #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 (Lower Hydro Fields) – Located near 1 Solina Rd., Courtice, ON. If coming from the west, take Hwy #401 to the exit at Courtice Rd. and go east along South Service Rd. and turn right on Crago Rd. (formerly known as Solina Rd.). If coming from the east, take Hwy #401 exit at Holt Rd., go west on South Service Rd. and then south onto Crago Rd. (formerly known as Solina Rd.) Numbering runs from North to South. #1 and #2 are the northern most fields closest to the highway. #3 and #4 are the full fields in the middle. #5 is the southern-most mini field. Please see the “Hydro Fields Layout” link on the Maps & Locations tab of the website.

Darlington Arena – Located at 2276 Taunton Rd, Hampton, ON L0B 1J0. North side of Taunton Rd., east of Holt Rd.

Elliott Memorial Park – Located at 30 Millstream Ln., Hampton, ON. Go north on Old Scugog Rd., past Taunton Rd., take a left on Millstream Ln. (where the church and General Store are located). Field is located in the park on the right.

Green Park – Located near 7 Boswell Drive, Bowmanville, ON. Parking has been made available for the 2016 season on the west side of Green Rd., south of Boswell Drive and north of Aspen Springs Dr.

Guildwood Park (John M. James) – Located at 175 Mearns Ave., Bowmanville, ON. Take Hwy #2 E., turn left on Mearns St., just before the Bowmanville Zoo, go north on Mearns part Concession St. and you’ll find the field adjacent to John James School.

Highland Gardens (Highland Park) – Located at 41 George Reynolds Dr., Courtice, ON. Hwy #2 to Trulls Rd., turn right, go to Nash Rd., take a left, carry on to George Reynolds Dr., turn right, the field is up on the left hand side.

Holy Trinity High School – Located at 2260 Courtice Rd. S., Courtice, ON. Located across the street from Courtice Memorial Park.

Note: Do not park in the lane way on the east end of the school in the “No Parking”, “Fire Route” and “Garbage Can Areas”. Cars will be ticketed and towed. Please use the designated parking lot.

Harry Gay Park – Located at 36 Harry Gay Dr., Courtice, ON. Harry Gay Drive runs north off Nash Rd., halfway between Courtice Rd. and Hancock Rd. The park is on the east side of the street.

Hydro Fields (Upper) – South of Hwy #401, South Service Rd., between Holt and Courtice Rd. Located off of Crago Rd. (formerly known as Solina Rd.). Take Park Rd. and take the second driveway
on the right; there is a sign and a carry up the hill. The following fields are located at the top: Upper Hydro Full, Upper Hydro N., Upper Hydro N.E., Upper Hydro S.W., Upper N.W 1 and Upper N.W. 2).

Note: Hydro Fields Upper will be closed for the 2016 Outdoor due to abandonment from past seasons because of highway construction.

John M. James (Guildwood Park) – Located at 175 Mearns Ave., Bowmanville, ON. Take Hwy #2 E., turn left on Mearns St., just before the Bowmanville Zoo, go north on Mearns part Concession St. and you’ll find the field adjacent to John James School.

Knox Christian School (Mini N. & S.) – Located at 410 North Scugog Crt., Bowmanville, ON.

Kingsway College – Located at 1200 Leland Rd, Oshawa, ON. Right on Townline just north of Hwy 2.

Longworth Park (#1 & #2) – Located at 380 Longworth Ave., Bowmanville, ON. East of Liberty St. N.

Mackie Park – Located at 1449 Conlin Rd. E., Oshawa, ON. 

Newcastle Memorial Park – Located near 150 King Ave., Newcastle, ON. Take Hwy #2 (King St.) east of Mill/King intersections (near the Newcastle Library).

Northglen Neighbourhood Park - Located at 110 Northglen Blvd. Just north of the playground.

Optimist Park (aka Waverley) – Located near 168 Waverley Rd., Bowmavnille, ON. Take Waverley Rd. off of RR #57. Located between Hwy #2 and Baseline. The fields are to you right just past the school. There is a full field and two mini fields.

Orono Fairgrounds – Located near 46 Centreview St., Orono, ON. Take Hwy #35/115 and take Main St. exit. Turn right and carry on towards downtown Orono. Take a right at Centreview St., go to the
end of the road. Mini fields are to your right in the middle of the track.

Orono North & South – Located near 46 Centreview St., Orono, ON. Same directions as the Orono Fairgrounds, but when you travel to the end of the Centreview St., turn left and the soccer fields are behind the school.

Pearce Farm – Located near 300 Shipway Ave., Newcastle, ON. Take Mill St exit off of the 401, go south on Mill St, turn right on to Port of Newcastle Dr. Go past Caldwell Cres., Carveth Cres and Beacham Cres (all on your left) the next right is Shipway Ave. Pearce Farms Park is located on Shipway.

Penfound Park – Located at 27 Hemmingway Dr., Courtice, ON. Take Hwy #2, turn south on Prestonvale, turn right on Glenabbey Dr. The field is behind Mother Teresa School.

Rickard Neighbourhood Park – Located at 70 Grady Drive in Newcastle, ON. 

Roswell Park – Located at 141 Rosswell Dr., Courtice, ON. Take Prestonvale Rd. to South Field Ave. (right across from the South Courtice Arena). Go west on South Field Ave. one block to Roswell and then turn south on Roswell.

Ross Tilley (West Side Drive Park)– Located at 45 W. Side Dr. Bowmanville, ON. Go west of RR #57. Turn north on West Side Dr., the school will be on your right.

R.S. McLaughlin CVI - Located at 570 Stevenson Rd. N., Oshawa, ON.

Scugog Street Neighbourhood Park - Located at 375 Scugog Street in Bowmanville. 

Sherwood Park – Located at 585 Ormond Dr., Oshawa, ON. Just off of Wilson, 2nd main road west of Townline Rd.

Solina – Located at 1964 Concession Rd. #6, Solina, ON. From Taunton Rd., take Solina Rd. N. and take a right. The field is located behind the Solina Community Centre.

Note: Do not park on Solina Road in the “No Parking” and Fire Route” areas. Vehicles will be ticketed and towed. Please only use the designated parking lot at Solina Community Centre off Concession Rd. #6.

South Courtice Arena – Located at 1595 Prestonvale Rd., Courtice, ON. Corner of Prestonvale Rd. and Bloor St. in Courtice. Grass field runs adjacent to the road and the artificial turf is hidden towards the back of the building.

St. Stephens High School – Located at 300 Scugog St., Bowmanville, ON. North of the FreshCo.

Note: Please park in the school parking lot. As per Municipal by-law, vehicles parked in the bike lanes on the road adjacent to the school will be ticketed and towed.

Tyrone Park – Located near 2716 Concession Rd. 7, Tyrone, ON. Go north on Liberty St. past Taunton Rd. as you enter Tyrone, you will see a sign on your left saying “Tyrone Park” in between houses. Take the driveway to the parking lot and clubhouse where you will find the fields.

Walbridge – Located near 50 Glass Court, Newcastle, ON. Take Hwy #401 to Mill St. exit. Then take Mill St. to Edwards St. and then Edward St. to Glass Crt. Then go south while on Glass Crt.

Waverley (Optimist Park) – Located near 168 Waverley Rd., Bowmavnille, ON. Take Waverley Rd. off of RR #57. Located between Hwy #2 and Baseline. The fields are to you right just past the school. There is a full field and two mini fields.

West Side Drive Park (Ross Tilley)– Located at 45 W. Side Dr. Bowmanville, ON. Go west of RR #57. Turn north on West Side Dr., the school will be on your right.

Note: Please make sure you pick up and garbage your team may generate and please make sure that your players do not kick the balls against the resident’s fences. There have been numerous complaints about these issues from residents in the area.

Special Notes Regarding Parking, Garbage, Smoking & Alcohol

Due to issues arising from illegal parking on streets around and adjacent to Municipal sports fields there have been several complaints about illegal parking in no parking zones and in designated bike lanes.

These complaints coincide with scheduled games and practices at various locations throughout the municipality.

We would like to remind our membership and stakeholders about the parking By-Law.

The Municipality of Clarington’s By-Law No. 20144-059 is in place to regulate traffic and parking on highways, private property and municipal property.

Section 50 prohibits parking in designated bike lanes.

Section 58 Every person who contravenes any provision of this by-law is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine for each offence as provided for in the Provincial Offences Act R.S.O.

Section 60 Any Officer, upon discovery of an vehicle parked or stopped in contravention of this by-law, may cause it to be moved or taken to and placed or stored in a suitable place and all costs and charges for removing, care and storage thereof, if any, are a lien upon the vehicle.

Please be sure to obey ALL parking regulations. Failure to obey the By-Law may prompt Municipal Enforcement Officers to issue tickets. Parking Enforcement has been provided with a complete schedule of Darlington field usage and will patrol and issue tickets to those vehicles illegally parked.

Please note that our permits for school fields indicate that no smoking or consumption of alcohol is allowed on school property. Please honour this request, as the school board can revoke our permitting of school fields for current and future seasons.

 We also ask that all teams pick up all garbage after their games: water bottles, popscicle wrappers/sticks, freezie wrappers and so on. We had numerous complaints from schools and residents about the debris left after games this past year. Please keep our fields clean as debris caught in lawnmowers delays the maintenance process!