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Darby FC Women - League1 Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Darby FC?

Darby FC is a collective partnership between Darlington Soccer Club and Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club that competes in League1 Ontario.

When are trials for the Darby FC/Darby FC Reserves team for the 2020 League1 Ontario Season?

Darby FC Women First Team / Reserve Team Trials:
Monday, December 23rd, 2019
Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility
Monday, December 30th, 2019
Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Open Trials, please contact one of the two coaches who are listed below.

What ages are eligible for Darby FC?

League1 Ontario is an open age league (if you're good enough, you're old enough). For the Outdoor 2019 season, Darby FC featured players from the ages of 16 to 28. We'd encourage all serious, competitive females players to try out regardless of their age.

Who is part of the Darby FC staff?

Below are the main individuals being running Darby FC. Please contact feel free to contact any of the individuals below for more information:

Name Position E-Mail
Stuart Robertson Director of Soccer Click Here
Graeme Burns Head Coach Click Here

What is League1 Ontario?

League1 Ontario is the only semi-professional, standards-based, league in Ontario. Founded in 2014, the league began with a 10 team Men's division, which has now grown to 16 teams, and the Women's began with a seven-team division which has now grown to 14 teams.

League1 Ontario serves as a stepping stone between the youth, amateur ranks, and the full-on professional sides. Sanctioned by the Ontario Soccer Association, the league's focus, first and foremost, is the development of Canada's future stars.

For more information on League1 Ontario please click here.

What is the cost?

As this is a semi-professional league, there is no cost to either trial or register. Costs are covered by Darby FC.